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Wipe 2016.12

Wipe Review:

 It is well known that even after you delete your data from your hard disk or pen drive, it still remains there for a long time and can be recovered using any good quality recovery software. However, when you are working with confidential documents and supposedly you want to destroy them, there is no way keeping in mind that texts can be far more easily recovered using any simple recovery software.

 How Does It Work?

 When deleting or wiping any data there are centain low level issues that must be taken into consideration for a safe and complete removal. One of them is taking care of a "write barrier" between passes. In order to completely remove a data file, the drive or the disk that you are using to store these documents must support some form of write barriers or write cache disabling. Some of the technologies used are f_sync(2) or O_SYNC, There are also some other commonly used ones like fdatasync(2) and O_DSYNC. Also, for a deletion or wiping operation to be successful, every pass must be completely written or committed. So far, IDE or ATA drives only support write cache disabling and write cache flushing.


 There are certain assumptions that might be helpful before considering using Wipe  
 - The disk that you are wiping must obey at least one of the Peter Gutmann's patterns and this is a necessity because these patterns must be written to the disk. 
 - It is also assumed that your disk supports complete passes. 
 - You must also take care that writing takes place to the correct sectors of the disk otherwise the operation will result into nothing.

 However, if the drive or the disk uses a newer encoding scheme other than the Gutmann, there is a great possibility that the wipe will not be performed correctly. Also, if you are writing into a new sector and not overwriting those which have been deleted there is a chance that they can be easily recovered and have not been deleted permanently.

 Development Cycle

 The first major release took place in 2001 with Wipe 2.0 which came with major rewrite and lots of other features. All these features can be accessed with -h extension for "help" command passed with the "wipe" keyword. The latest release was in 2004 with complete support for Linux and Solaris. 

 Wipe, is an avant grade program that removes your documents completely so that there is little chance of recovery.

Changes on the new version:
- This update highly recommended for installation because it fixes critical bugs. Thanks to the new error reporting system we have found 3 big problems. We hope we have fixed them, lets try new version and we will see how it works!
- Fixed detection of updates of third-party programs. We have seen that on all computers sometimes WIPE failed to detect an update of some program. In other words, your browser updated to a new version and our program can't see it until next installation. This problem has been fixed now.
- Fixed "FromFile" error which is appear sometimes on some computers during startup of tray agent.
- Fixed "OnPaint" error which is appear sometimes on some computers after cleanup.
- Added support for browser Opera 41 (future version).
- Added support for browser Comodo Dragon 52 (current version).
- Added support for browser Yandex 16+ (current version).
Wipe screenshotWipe screenshotWipe screenshot

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